Monday, April 20, 2009

Last Preview before Grand Opening!!

We are so close to opening, I should have the official date in the next two days, that this will probably be the last preview before the opening. Don't worry though, we are still designing new layouts that will be released every week on the new site.

Where the Wild Things Are

I love how this one turned out!! This is perfect for any pictures you have to the zoo, Wild Animal park, Animal Kingdom, etc.


My kids love playing with there cousins, and can spend hours together. This layout lets you capture that fun.

My Baptism

My daughter turned 8 in January and was so proud to be baptised. We were able to get so many great pictures of her in her white dress. This layout is perfect for her. We did a boy and girl version, and if you take the "my" off the title it can be used in a missionary book as well.

Sweet Baby

Perfect to capture all those sweet cuddly baby pictures. You have to capture those moments while you can, because they soon become toddlers and don't want to cuddle anymore. We did a boy and girl version, but some like me will need both. (I still haven't scrapped all my twins baby pictures, and they just turned six)

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